Slot monitoring is directed to ensure that most efficient use is made of scarce capacity, that an adequate level of service quality is maintained and that the quality, flexibility and effectiveness of the coordination process is improved.  In accordance with the European Council Regulation (EEC), IATA Worldwide Slot Guidelines (WSG) and local rules, Slot Coordination Switzerland is obligated to monitor the use and adherence of allocated airport slots at Geneva and Zurich airports.


Our intention is to advise and support the airlines in their on time operation, to prevent distress of the overall airport systems and to avoid any possible misuse.

Regular Slot Monitoring

We regularly compare the most recent slot information held with the actual operated time of an airline/operator as published in the airport information systems. We also take into consideration observations received from the airport authorities, ATC and handling agents. The results will be reported to the Slot Performance Working Group (Zurich only) and to the Coordination Committees. We will approach an airline/operator if:

  • Flights have been operated without having cleared airport slots (GOSHOW)
  • Flights have not been operated without having cancelled airport slots (NOSHOW)
  • Flights have been repeatedly operated off-cleared slots (OFFSLOT)

Seasonal Slot Performance Monitoring

After end of season (or for summer season shortly before season end), the seasonal slot performance monitoring includes all the results of the "regular slot monitoring" and will affect the determination and eligibility of the historical precedence for an airline. Off-slot operations with significant and/or repetitive deviations might not be eligible for any historical precedence.