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"OOH Self Reply": Automated out-of-office-hours message reply

We have enhanced our coordination system "SCORE" to automatically process and reply all SCR messages received outside of our office hours. This routine is called "OOH Self Reply".

SCR messages received are automatically processed and replied as follows:

  • UNCHANGED: if requested time is available the message will be confirmed
  • NEW: if requested time is not available 2 closest offers (if possible) will be automatically generated and shall be replied as soon as possible
  • NEW: if requested time is not available and no offers can be generated your request will be replied with action code "U" (unable)
  • NEW: a message which cannot be automatically processed due various reasons is being returned including an SI containing the applicable information or error text

Please mind following conditions:

  • Only messages received during and for the applicable OOH period (incl. next business day) will be processed automatically
  • SCR must be correctly formatted (according to IATA SSIM manual chapter 6 standards)
  • Data for flights to be changed/deleted does correspond with our coordinated data held
  • Incorrectly formatted SCR messages or messages containing invalid data are automatically rejected and should be resent with correct data
  • SCR containing retrospective changes are automatically rejected
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