The following restrictions  and local rules are applicable for slot allocation at Zurich airport:

Night curfew for slot allocation

  • Arrivals: 2300-0609CET
  • Departures: 2246-0544CET
  • Extended night curfew regulation for the following types of departure:

    - Charter flights (scheduled and ad-hoc)
    - Training and technical flights
    Latest possible allocated departure slot is 2145CET!

The night curfew regulation does not allow any exceptions!

Reduced capacity for adhoc flights

A reduced capacity for ad-hoc flights will be declared both for arrivals and departures following the Historics Baseline Date. Before slots can be allocated for ad-hoc flights in any half and full hour the declared capacities (30 and 60 minutes capacity intervals) will be reduced by 3 arrivals and 3 departures. Therefore in any half or full hour to (re-) allocate slots there must be a minimum of 4 available slots for 1 ad-hoc flight and 5 available slots for 2 ad-hoc flights.

No arrival slot capacity 0700-0745 CET on weekends

To improve departure punctuality on days 6 and 7 and public holidays in Baden Wurttemberg (Germany) no arrival slots will be cleared on these days in the time window 0700-0745CET.

Departure restriction runway 16

New departure slots allocated 1015-1155 CET are valid for take-off on runway 28 only. The slots will be allocated by the coordinator under this condition. The air carrier has to ensure that a departure on runway 28 is possible. Departures on runway 16 falling under this rule may be delayed in order to allow an unconstrained inbound rush. Incumbent departure slots are not affected by this restriction.

2019-05-29_Local_Rule_DEP_16_v04.04  [PDF, 276 KB]

Time critical operations of base carriers

2018-03-13_Local_Rule_Time_Critical_Operation_Base_Carriers  [PDF, 16.0 KB]


  • During annual meeting of World Economic Forum (WEF) end of January max. 3 hours parking allowed
  • Flights into/out of SR Technics Maintenance require a previously cleared airport slot