GA / BA Aviation



Airport slots for General & Business Aviation flights must be cleared directly through your handling agent (please consult AIP Switzerland for details)!  


All GA/BA flights require mandatory airport movement permission! PPR (Prior Permission Required) must be requested via your handling agent (AIP Switzerland REF LSGG AD 2.20 §4).

Local Rule for GA/BA flights at Geneva  [PDF, 27.0 KB]


Each IFR aircraft movement is required to previously obtain a mandatory airport slot. Operators are obliged to choose one of the handling agents listed in AIP Switzerland LSZH as long as they do not hold a self handling authorization by Flughafen Zürich AG. To request airport slots you must contact your handling agent or the General Aviation Service Center, email  or telephone +41 43 816 46 37.

Please observe the time windows available for ICAO approach category A aircrafts ("Slow IFR") which are published in AIP Switzerland LSZH AD 2.20 §2.3.1.

Also note that the usage and adherence of all airport slots allocated are being monitored by Slot Coordination Switzerland. Changes in flight plans must also result in adjusting the previously allocated airport slot. Please contact your handling agent to learn more about these important conditions!

Airport Slot ID

The compulsory airport slot ID for each movement will be communicated to the operator by the respective handling agent or the General Aviation Service Center at the time of confirmation and must be entered in field 18 ("Other Information") of the ATC flight plan.