In accordance with the European Council Regulation (EEC 95/93) and local rules, Slot Coordination Switzerland is obligated to monitor the use and adherence of allocated airport slots at Geneva and Zurich airports. Our intention is to advise and support the airlines in their on time operation, to prevent distress of the overall airport systems and to avoid any possible misuse. All procedures related to slot monitoring are based on the principles of neutrality, transparency and non-discrimination.


Slot monitoring is a continuos process designed to ensure that most efficient use is made of scarce capacity, an adequate level of service quality is maintained and any intentional misuse is isolated from the normal variations in operation performance. Our main objectives are:

  • monitor use and adherence of allocated slot times within normal operating tolerance
  • prevent non-utilization of allocated slots
  • prevent operation without an allocated slot
  • identify repeated and intentional slot misuse


Slot monitoring is performed by comparing allocated slot times with the actually operated times provided by the airport to determine whether off-slot operations have occurred. Observations received from the airport authorities, ATC and handling agents are also taken into consideration. It is established whether the actual operated times were significantly different from the allocated slot times, whether deviations happened intentionally and/or repeatedly and whether the deviations have caused prejudice to the airport operations. As soon as a potential off-slot operation has been detected a dialogue for clarification and/or possible correction is started with the airline/operator. The status and result will be reported to the Slot Performance Working Groups and to the Coordination Committees.

Possible Sanctions

Operations with significant and/or repetitive deviations might not be eligible for historical precedence. In cases where intentional misuse is evident, Slot Coordination Switzerland will request Federal Office of Civil aviation to impose legal/monetary sanctions.